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"Usher’s New Look is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging disconnected youth in finding a path to leadership and career. Our model certifying young people in four leadership pillars – talent, education, career and service – is making a difference to solve today’s educational challenges."

"New Look graduates 100% of its youth and 98% have gone onto higher education or job placement."

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Apparently this is what I look like when I black out taking a picture.

Apparently this is what I look like when I black out taking a picture.

Sooo...let's talk about how I honestly don't even remember taking this picture.

A group of us were standing, starring at Usher (and by starring I mean drooling in amazement), watching everyone else get his autograph and have their pictures taken. What? You want me to open my mouth and talk to him? No way...

Everyone was too afraid to push through the mini crowd and actually approach him...except for one intern at my job. She stood up and stated that she was going for it, with or without us!  I hesitated and was super nervous, but felt like this was my only chance if I wanted a picture. (Please note I had in my mind that I'd have my picture taken with him that morning when I was getting dressed. You can't see my shoes but they were pretty fabulous!) I quickly talked myself into following her while everyone else stayed behind and she was awesome! She had no fear and literally pushed through the crowd to get right in front of him. She approached him like she already knew him and asked for a picture and autograph.

That's when I blacked out.

Sara Blakely, founder and owner of Spanx, is always donating to amazing causes all over but especially in Atlanta. I feel very blessed to be able to attend some of the local philanthropy events via Spanx.

It's always great seeing anyone, but especially celebrities, giving back and being involved within their communities. I was very impressed with Usher's speeches throughout the luncheon and found his words insightful and inspiring. It seems like he makes it a point to stay involved within the organization. He presented each recipient with their award and personally thanked them for their service to New Look--I thought that was nice!

Sponsored in part by Spanx.

Sponsored in part by Spanx.


I was so nervous and he was so hot and smelled so great that I couldn't even see straight! Did I mention how hot he was? Phew.

Seeing as he was on his way out of the building, right after we took our picture his entourage announced he was no longer taking photos or signing autographs. Thank goodness for that intern or we would have missed our shot! Moral of the story is be brave and carpe diem!

Also, give back! Every little bit counts and can make a difference in someone's life.


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