Everyday, and especially for special occasions such as the holidays, my beauty routine doesn't feel complete without a perfume. It's that little something extra that makes me feel more confident knowing I smell great! The hunt for the perfect fragrance has always been tough for me until I learned what works best with my body chemistry and what exactly I like about certain fragrances. Below are some tips I've picked up that have helped me choose a fragrance I'll love and how I landed on my current favorite, Byredo

P E R F U M E   T Y P E S

P A R F U M:

  • The rarest, most expensive and highest concentration of essential oils between 20-30%. Longest lasting scent and less frequent application. Sold in "drops" to be applied to pulse points on wrists and behind the ears.

E A U   D E   P A R F U M (EDP):

  • The second highest concentration of essential oils between 15-20%. Long lasting scent, less frequent application and higher priced. Also has a lower amount of alcohol which is better for your skin. Sold in a spray and recommended to be sprayed on clothing and misted on the skin. Less common based on price. 

E A U   D E   T O I  L E T T E (EDT): 

  • 5-15% concentration of essential oils. Lighter, shorter lasting scent, requiring re-application throughout the day. Some prefer this particularly for spring and summer and as a less expensive option. Most common type. 

E A U   D E   C O L O G N E (EDC): 

  • 2-4% concentration of essential oils. For men and women! Least concentration of essential oils. Less common in women's fragrances. 

E A U   F R A I C H E:

  • 1-3% concentration of essential oils. Usually a splash, lasting only about 2 hours.  

T O P,  M I D D L E   A N D   B A S E   N O T E S | T H E   M A K E U P

TOP NOTES: "Head" notes that you smell immediately when testing a fragrance, usually a citrus. This scent evaporates quickly within 5 minutes, leading to the middle notes. 

MIDDLE NOTES: The "heart" notes of the perfume, usually a lavender or rose base, evaporates within an hour or two leading to the base notes.

BASE NOTES: Combined with the middle notes, this makes up the essential fragrance of your perfume and takes much longer to evaporate. Here you experience the true essence of your fragrance. 

Note: Remember each fragrance interacts with everyone differently based on your unique body chemistry and can change over time. 

B Y R E D O   P A R F U M S

My current favorite perfume is Black Saffron by Byredo Parfums which is sold in North America at Barney's and select Neiman Marcus stores. It's everything I want in a fragrance: floral and feminine but not overpowering, long lasting with a mature scent. It's the most expensive fragrance I've ever owned, retailing at $220/100 ML, $145/50ML and $110/12ML (whew!), but as an Eau de Parfum it will (better) last me for quite some time and I love it! Having a signature fragrance is important to me and something in which I'm willing to invest. 

B L A C K   S A F F R O N | B Y R E D O

T O P: Pomelo, Saffron, Juniper Berry
H E A R T: Black Violet, Accord Cuir, Cristal Rose
B A S E: Blond Woods, Raspberry, Vetiver

Byredo Perfume 726 SQFT -2.jpg

My favorite perfume used to be EDP Bvlgari BLV II which launched in 2009 and has since been discontinued and is tough to find. I also think my body chemistry has changed and the last time I wore it, it didn't smell the same. Afterwards I switched to EDP Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline  which has a beautiful scent but I wasn't completely in love so now I'm trying Byredo. What's your favorite fragrance if you wear one at all? Do you have a preference between Parfum, EDP, EDT, etc.? Comment below!