ICYMI: SPANX + Clinique have just become Beauty Besties bringing you the perfect contour for your body and that beautiful smile! Sold exclusively at Nordstrom throughout May, the besties duo was made for women just like me and you, always on the go but still wanting to look their best! 

Whether it's an average day or I'm traveling for business or pleasure, I always want to feel confident and look my best. SPANX has always been my go-to for shaping garments that look and feel awesome, providing me all day support and comfort. The Power Series specifically has been a favorite. Constructed with soft, yummy yarns, the garments stretch and move with your body while still giving you a polished look. 

The Power Short and Power Shorty are my favorites. They are similar in fit but the shorty has no inseam which is perfect for those shorter spring and summer dresses and skirts. No worrying about your leg lines showing! It's almost like a panty but it keeps your booty firm and in place (no jiggle jiggle while you walk). For special occasion dresses that are a little more form fitting and require a little more "power" I love the Higher Power Short. The waist comes all the way up and sits right beneath your bra, giving you complete tummy coverage. It's wedding, graduation and just all around fun season so, stock up on your favorites! 

I like to get dressed from the inside out so once I'm feeling great underneath, I work my way outside and makeup comes into play. I didn't start wearing (very minimal) makeup (sometimes...) until later in college. Today I like to think I have a pretty good routine going but what's most important to me is a lightweight, long-lasting look. I want to look naturally enhanced but not caked up. Right away you can tell how silky smooth the Clinique products are just from testing it on your hand. It melts into your skin giving you a flawless look! Along with the Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer (win!) and Chubby Stick Sculpting Countour, they have super fun Pop Lip Colours that are perfect for the season. 

SPANX? + Clinique? = The Perfect Combo

Stop by your local Nordstrom with your Bestie to see one of their fit + beauty specialists and find the perfect matches for you! 

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