Style Post #734 | The "3 Pieces" Rule


The "3 Pieces" Rule can add an extra pop to any look. It gives you a polished finish and the opportunity to make the look yours. I first learned about it while working in retail for Nordstrom years ago. We were always required to wear 3 pieces on the sales floor. Sometimes it was tough to think of pieces to add, especially on days where I didn't feel like dressing up but not only did It help me sell to clients it also gave me more confidence in my look.

Here I am accessorizing with a great watch, classic trench and neutral scarf. The scarf can be used as a wrap in a breezy office or classroom and you can't go wrong with a neutral trench. You can wear the scarf in it's longest form like I show below, wrap it around as traditionally worn or come up with your own favorite way to wear.  If you prefer not to wear a watch you can switch it out for a bracelet or fun rings.

Do you use the "3 Pieces" Rule? Tell me how you accessorize and add to your outfits below!

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