Ah, 27. You're here. What do you do at 27? It's definitely a different feeling from turning 25 and I'm sure it's quite different than turning 30. Is 27 just...blah? For the most part I try to stay in the moment taking life as it comes, one second at a time, but other times I'm consumed with my thoughts and internal reflection. These aren't necessarily bad times, in fact most times they're great, but they keep me in my shell. They put things in perspective.

Every year for my birthday I'm THAT person who has a full itinerary, a packed weekend (for my 25th an entire week) and invitations for each perfectly planned event. Naturally my family and friends were inquisitive about my plans, eager to know what grand scheme I came up with this year. I always lollygag until the week of and suddenly have a boost of excitement that sends me into a planning frenzy but this year was different. I didn't have the answers and I was perfectly okay with that.

I love birthdays because they're a time to reflect and be grateful for not only how far you've come but also where you want to go next and plan something new for the year ahead. You can be spoiled for a day by the people who love you most and do and eat whatever the f*ck you want. I mean why not go for that third cupcake and wash it down with some tequila? Every day leading up to my birthday I said to myself, "Okay...today you're going to be excited and plan something fun! Let's go out!". Nope. I thought about the things I love and what I'd want to do, if anything, on my "Golden Birthday". I mean 27 on the 27th will only happen once I'm my lifetime. MUST. CELEBRATE. I can't lie...my OCD side was on my shoulder for a while telling me that not doing something for my G-Bday would be a complete waste and I would regret it for the rest of my life (talk about dramatic).  I looked into taking a cooking class but everything was baby shower and kid's themed so, no. I thought about going Stand Up Paddle-boarding but the 'Hooch is filled with e coli + it rained so, there's that. Those were really the only things I wanted to do and they didn't go as planned and it was OKAY!

I had a day of happiness, peace and relaxation. It stormed all morning and I slept in and listened to the thunder. I got up when I felt like it, went to the store and got some goodies and decided to go to my favorite restaurant for dinner completely last minute. My BFF knows me too well and knew that if nothing else I would want salmon chips from Two Urban Licks--because that's what I do every year--and she'd already made a reservation (shoutout to the besties of the world). [TUL is my absolute favorite restaurant in Atlanta--I go there for every birthday and special occasion or celebration.]

This year more than ever the smallest things made the biggest impact. My parents shared kind words and meaningful keepsake gifts and my bestie brought me balloons and a cupcake. That cupcake was the best cupcake I've ever had in my life and I'm not even a big sweets or dessert person. Spending time to just be at peace and think without worrying where I had to be or what I had to do was more valuable than planning an entire weekend of activities. Don't get me wrong... for my next milestone birthday of 30 I will definitely be planning something but in the mean time I'm happy. I'm happy with the little things and keeping it simple. To me, there's no better feeling than being completely at peace with yourself, who you are as a person and where you're heading in life. I don't think 27 is blah...I think 27 is looking pretty good.


(P.S.- This was a "party" of two...don't think I had some party and didn't invite you. XO )