Ever short on time and need a quick and delicious option for a dinner party or busy weeknight dinner? WholeFoods Fish Market has wonderful options! They have everything you need for a savory meal without as much of the work and shopping around the store. If you're a Pescetarian like me, you'll be in heaven (they have a Meat Market, too!).

With so many options I decided to try a fish I don't normally buy and picked their pre-seasoned Red Snapper. It came stuffed with thyme, asparagus, red, yellow and orange peppers, and onions on a cedarwood sheet for added flavor. All I had to do was add a little salt and pepper, pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes and cook some veggies on the side. While the fish is cooking you can make your sides for added time saved.

Voila! A pretty fancy dinner for only 20 minutes and virtually zero prep. What's your go-to meal in a pinch? Comment and share your tips and tricks below!


Tiffany JonesComment