Happy (Kinda) New Year!



It's February and according to Phil, Spring is on the way! The winter months are a bit of a struggle for me -- I like to think of myself as a flower that needs sun, warmth and water to grow. With that said, I took the month of January to hibernate and detox from the holiday season. I spent time resting and reflecting on 2015, gathering my thoughts for the new year ahead. Each January I journal a yearly recap reflecting on lessons learned, what worked, what didn't, which parts of my life I want to move forward and which need to stay behind. Now that I've hit the reset button I feel refreshed and ready to conquer 2016! That means F R E S H content and a new look for 726 SQFT. Just like your goals, it won't all happen at once but with persistence and determination we'll get there in no time.

I hope your year is off to an amazing start -- as always, thank you for following along. I'm excited to jump into 2016 with you! Whee!


[ Sidenote: This is a total blooper from a shoot but hilariously fitting for jumping into 2016. Photo: 7th Street Studio ]

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