Z E R O    G E O R G E    |    T H E   R E S T A U R A N T



From the absolutely beautiful ambiance to the old yet fresh buildings, eating at Zero George in Charleston, South Carolina is love at first sight.

Tucked away in a hidden courtyard underneath the most beautiful trees you’ll find is the entrance to what is personally one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. The grounds are quaint and intimate leaving much room for you to focus on the intricate details of your meal. Upon entering, you’re immediately next to the kitchen. It’s a wide open space allowing you to watch in awe of the masterpieces created by Food Network acclaimed Chef Vinson Petrillo.

Into each cocktail, appetizer and dish is an insane amount of precision and care. The dishes are immaculately presented adding a winning visual appeal to an already delicious meal. Fresh ingredients from the on-site garden and local farmers and fisherman add a clean and inimitable touch. I started with the cheese board which is not on the menu – it’s suggested as an option after your meal but I wanted to try everything and I also love cheese…and bread…and everything else that was on that delicious little spread from heaven.


What to Eat + Drink:




Tequila, PAMA, Jack Rudy Grenadine, Habanero Simple, Cilantro,

Fresh Squeezed Lemon and Lime



2011, Umpqua Valley, Oregon

Medium bodied with notes of bing cherry, crushed dried tea roses, earth, pomegranate

and blackberry candy



Poached  Black  Truffle,  Pickled  Mustard,  Bacon  and  Eggs,  




“Elements  of  Ratatouille” 

Crab  Stuffed  Blossom,  Tomato  Condime



“Thai  Flavors”

Spiced  Carrot,  Choy,  Rock  Shrimp  Dum


The food truly speaks for itself. There are only so many words to describe what my taste buds experienced so I encourage you to take a trip to Charleston and experience Zero George, both the restaurant and hotel, for yourself.

What makes Zero George special is not only the southern hospitality and charm towards it’s guests but also towards it’s own staff. At the end of our meal, we were kindly asked to thank the Chef on the way out – I listened as others finished their meals and were asked to do the same. It means something and adds a personable feeling, a more intimate connection, to the food and the people creating it. As I made my way to the exit, passing the tiny open kitchen again, I stood and watched as Chef used tweezers to place the most delicate of garnishes onto each dish. You could see and feel his intensity, dedication and passion for his art and you could most definitely taste it.

Special thanks to Chef Vinson Petrillo, Byrdhouse PR and the staff at Zero George!