Hi, hi, hi! I missed you guys!

Whew! I'm feeling refreshed and back to normal after what has been a much longer recovery period from travel than anticipated. I will definitely have to post some tips for you guys on recovering from jet lag and just super busy trips in general. In the mean time, I wanted to share with you my favorite part of getting ready for my trip--deciding what to wear!  

The reason what I wore was so important is because 1. I wanted to be comfortable and 2. I knew that these were once in a lifetime photo opportunities that will hopefully be passed down throughout my family for generations! Photo memories are really important to me so I wanted to look the part, always.  Photos are my favorite way to share memories, tell stories and reminisce.

Comfort comes first so I wore these great sandals I found in Paris. Luckily the weather in Rome permitted--it was pretty nice during the day, about 60 degrees. It was pretty windy in both cities so I wore this cute hat I found at Forever 21.

It was chilly enough for a light jacket so I wanted to wear one, but didn't want to wear anything bulky or that would distract from photos. I found this awesome trench, similar here, also at Forever 21! I love it because it's lightweight, the color is awesome (you know I love neutrals!) and matches almost anything and the draped front is flattering which visually adds an interesting element to the outfit. 

I chose this vintage bag (found at a thrifting shopping event) because it was small but big enough to carry everything I needed: money, phone, maps, etc. It also had a closure at the top to deter pick pocketers...because apparently that's a major issue in Paris and Rome--who knew?! I made sure to be super aware of my surroundings and keep my bag closed, same I would in any major city, and I didn't have any issues. 

I picked a simple tan cami for comfort an a pop of color (ha) and Top Shop's 'Joni' white high-waist jeans. I love high-waist styles-- I feel they're flattering for my shape since I'm smaller on top than the bottom. 

What's your go-to stylish outfit when you're sightseeing? Do you pick your outfits for life long photos like I do?