a huge thank you! and MERCI BEAUCOUP! to the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta and Paris teams--you are truly wonderful!

"Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn?" (You know the tune!) All jokes aside, although most people spend more time outside of their hotel than in when they're on vacation, where someone stays is still important. What if you want to get a massage, a great meal, or just relax in your room? You want to be in the best place possible--you want to be comfortable!

The moment I stepped foot off the plane at CDG I went straight to the Mandarin Oriental Paris for lunch and a tour with their wonderful staff. The entry way itself is to die for and I was immediately greeted by the sweetest bellhops. Being fresh off the plane I was nervous that I didn't speak much French but everyone was kind enough to let me stumble through "Frang-lish" with a lot of "Merr-see bow-coos" and "Bahn-jurs" -- GAH--so embarrassing! 

The Mandarin is saturated with history, intention and extremely thoughtful design and intention. Boasting countless well-known and talented architects, artists and interior designers, the Mandarin properties each have a unique theme designed around their location and local history. The Mandarin Oriental, Paris was also the first address in France!


Upon entering, you walk into a beautiful lobby where you can check-in to your left or wait in the seating area where there is a BEAUTIFUL view of the garden. In the garden you can have pretty much anything you like! Cocktails, lunch, snacks, coffee, you name it! Not only is it gorgeous but it's heated, too! When I visited it was still a little chilly but the outside heaters kept me nice and warm (and the cocktails, too!)

Main Lobby ,   Photo Provided by The Mandarin Oriental Paris

Main Lobby, Photo Provided by The Mandarin Oriental Paris

The Garden ,   Photo Provided by The Mandarin Oriental Paris

The Garden, Photo Provided by The Mandarin Oriental Paris

"The Mandarin Oriental, Paris encompasses the essence of Paris, providing an oasis of gentle tranquility, a cocoon of luxury and sensual delights." -Mandarin Oriental, Paris

F O O D    +   D R I N K

Attached to the garden is the Camélia restaurant and Bar 8. Camélia, the restaurant, is named after the Camélia flower that blooms in the garden during the Spring and Summer months. Make a reservation to sit in the beautiful La Table du Jardin’, which intimately seats 6-8 of your favorite people, sit at the bar, inside the restaurant, or at a semi-private area in the garden--the choice is all yours! With so many options on seating alone, you're guaranteed to be comfortable. It was a gorgeous day so I sat in the garden and started off with a refreshing flavored water.

Garden , Photo by 726 SQFT

Garden, Photo by 726 SQFT

Bar 8 , Photo by 726 SQFT

Bar 8, Photo by 726 SQFT

Garden , Photo by 726 SQFT

Garden, Photo by 726 SQFT

For drinks I previewed two of their Spring Garden Drinks, The Fashionista and the High Garden, which debuted April 1st! The High Garden is made with Sapphire Bombay Gin, Chartreuse liquor, cucumber syrup, green lemon juice, slices of cucumber and fresh mint. So delicious, refreshing and light! The Fashionista is made with Grey Goose Vodka, Velvet Falernum, basil, raspberry and cranberry. Equally delicious but on the sweeter side, it almost tastes like candy!

Per the recommendation of our fab waiterss, for lunch I had the Fish & Chips with a baby side salad. How cute is this newspaper wrap?! Simple yet filling, this was the perfect post-flight meal. Afterwards (even though I was so stuffed!) I sampled desserts, and true to European fashion, had cappuccinos. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to taste these gorgeous creations.

R O O M S   +   S P A

Pool , Photo and Facilities List  (right) Provided by the Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Pool, Photo and Facilities List  (right) Provided by the Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Spa Boutique , Photo by 726 SQFT

Spa Boutique, Photo by 726 SQFT

The MO offers a plethora of Spa , fitness and wellness experiences during your stay:

  • Four single treatment suites with private facilities and steam shower
  • Three couple’s treatment suites with private facilities, steam shower and vitality pool
  • 14 metre lap pool
  • Oriental herbal steam room
  • Fitness and wellness centre
  • Spa boutique

A fun treat was touring Rhianna's suite, The Royal Mandarin Suite or Suite Royale. With over 3500 sqft to spare you have room to do, well, anything! Two stories tall, there's a private chef's area, dining room, terrace, elevator, plenty of bathrooms, and stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and Paris. It's a treat for sure at 15,000 EUR/night but unless you're on Rhianna's salary you may want to consider one of the other rooms. Or you can ball out...your choice!


  1. The two wings of the Art Deco building of Mandarin Oriental, Paris are the work of Charles Letrosne, a distinguished Parisian architect of the 1930s who also contributed to World Fairs held in the city.
  2. Since the 16th century, the site of Mandarin Oriental, Paris has been a Capuchin monastery, a hippodrome, a theatre (the Cirque Olympique) and even a royal riding school.
  3. The rooms and suites of Mandarin Oriental, Paris are some of the city's most spacious. The largest, the Suite Royale Mandarin, fills 350 sq m on two levels. Its terrace offers a stunning view of the city, including the Garnier Opera, the Grand Palais and of course the Eiffel Tower.
  4. The 455 sq m indoor garden at Mandarin Oriental, Paris is planted with trees and flowers, including the camellia, which symbolises elegance, harmony and "perfect" beauty.
  5. With its 900 square metres, the Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Paris is one of the city's largest hotel spas. It includes a 14-metre long pool.
  6. The imposing stone bar in the hotel's Bar 8 weighs nine tons and was designed by Agence Jouin-Manku. Intricately assembled from stone quarried in Spain, it originally weighed 50 tons and was cut in Italy by craftsmen working round-the-clock for two months.
  7. Designed and built to meet environmental criteria, Mandarin Oriental, Paris aims to be the first luxury hotel in France to be awarded Haute Qualité Environnementale certification.
  8. The fan that is the symbol of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is a unique haute couture creation by Maison Lesage that took more than 200 hours to make.
  9. Mandarin Oriental, Paris is Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group's first address in France, at the heart of this fashion capital and with the Garnier Opera, Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre all close by.
  10. An homage to the "Eternel Féminin"
  11. The style of Mandarin Oriental, Paris takes inspiration from the richness, modernity and creativity of the 1930s and Art Deco, as well as from the hallmarks of luxury and Parisian fashion. The 1930s ushered in elegantly simple styles for women in softly draped fabrics, trimmed with jewels and lace. The hotel is home to works by this eternal admirer of the female form. His sensual photographs of his companion, the stunning Kiki de Montparnasse, are ingrained in our mind.

Whether you're staying for a bit or just visiting the spa or the restaurant, you are guaranteed to be well taken care of and feel right at home. The exquisite customer service, amount of time and the detail put into each element truly makes the entire experience all the more special. Find a Mandarin near you here!

Photos by 726 SQFT except where noted otherwise.