Happy Monday, loves! 

We're officially less than a month away from the first official day of Spring--25 days to be exact! I can not wait! Winter always kicks my butt, but this one seems to have been longer than the others. Maybe it's because I pushed out my annual warm weather getaway until March but I am super ready for Spring! It's such an exciting time of year. Everything starts growing beautifully, people are happier and Summer is right around the corner. I start saying goodbye to my winter clothes and transition them out with looks like the ones below.

I've already started my Spring cleaning and next up will be purging and donating clothes I no longer wear. This year I really want to narrow down my personal style and focus on mixing and matching key pieces. Below you'll see the same jacket and shoes paired with a dress vs. denim and a tee. Super easy! 

 Do you purge and donate? How often throughout the year?  


(P.S.-Notice the shirt and shoes? See a trend here? Stay tuned!)

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