Literally since the day I could talk I asked my parents for a dog every holiday, birthday and special occasion and sometimes for no reason at all. Over the years I acquired fish, a bird, two turtles--all of which died (some were my fault--oops) but I still wanted a little pup! Maybe it was because I was an only child or maybe I just thought puppies were the cutest things on earth but nevertheless I never stopped asking. As I got older and started college my desire for a furry friend never went away but I started asking for things like clothes or shoes instead. 

The night before my 21st birthday I was...studying at the library...and ended up spending the night at my friend's. Around 6am my Mom started calling, asking when I was coming home. It's the morning of my 21st birthday and I was super tired from all of my...studying...and it was 6am (not a morning person)! Needless to say I was not a happy camper but I was a good girl so I made the trip home. 

When I arrived home I went to my Mom's room and opened the door with a slight 'tude to let her know I was home and that I was going back to sleep when the smallest little head peeked over the comforter. It was Maxwell, the cutest and smallest 6 week old Cockapoo I'd ever seen! Naturally I started crying (1. For being a brat and 2. Because I was so happy!) --my Mom started laughing. Max hopped over the covers the best he could which was a major obstacle for such a small pup. I was so happy and he was so, so cute! 


The night before, my Mom had trekked from Virginia to Maryland (she was recovering from surgery) to get Max and bring him home for my birthday. Amazing!  I finally had the fur baby I always wanted and we both loved him so much--he instantly became part of the family. I hate comparing dogs to children, but, having a puppy was hard work! You have to potty train them, waking up every 3 hours in the middle of the night to take them outside, play with them, bathe them and everything! I now understood why my parents never gave me one until I was old enough to share the responsibility and truly appreciate the entire experience. I think wanting one for so long made me appreciate him even more.

Anyone that knows me, knows Max, and absolutely loves him. Even people who don't know him stop and ask questions. He's never met a stranger and has a heart of gold! I can't imagine coming home and not being greeted like I've been gone for years. He's always by my side!

Do you have any pets? Love dogs? Tell me about it! 

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