A little while ago I made a new desk for my office space. It was a step in a new direction to revamp the space and brighten the look. I wasn't completely sold on the chair I had but decided it was fine for the time being. When buying home goods (or anything really) I've decided it's best to take a while searching for something you really love rather than spending money for a temporary solution, especially if you already have something around the house to put in it's place. 

So, since when are chairs so expensive?! I had no idea the price range for some "designer' chairs in the market until I started looking around. Along with good quality I also want a good deal--I guess you can say I want to have my cake and eat it too! For that, HomeGoods is always my first stop and usually I'm not disappointed. Their inventory seems to be refreshed often and I can usually find something in my price range. Before purchasing anything advertised as a better deal or lower price than retail value I do a quick Google "Shopping" search. If you type in the item you're looking for, hundreds of options will pop up with the retailer, price and a link to purchase. Granted some stores don't have all of their products listed online but you can get a general gauge on the average cost of the item you're trying to purchase. There's no shame in my game--I will Google this while I'm standing in the middle of the store with the item in my hand or in this case sitting in it. Speaking of sitting, make sure you test out the product you want to purchase before dragging it all the way home!

For me, being able to sit cross-cross in a desk chair is a must. I need to be able to wiggle around and get comfy and have a pillow and a blanket fit in the chair with me...and snacks...and maybe Maxwell. I found all of this in my new chair--yay! I'm still looking for new flooring but for now this chair is sprucing up the space quite a bit!

What do you look for in an office chair? Where is your favorite place to shop for home goods?