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Happy Saturday and Happy New Year!

I seriously can not believe it's 2015 already! This year feels different, which I feel like people say every year, but for me personally it really does! I feel the strongest and most confident I've ever been. I don't know where the year is leading me but 2014 showed me that it is okay, and always best, to stand up for what you want and believe in however scary it may be. Speak up for what you want, take charge of your life and make shit happen! 

I'm not big on making specific New Year's resolutions, instead I try to be a better version of myself everyday and continue working towards my life goals. At the beginning of each year I do make a list of all the things I want to accomplish within the year. In 2014 I made purchasing my first home a top priority on the list! I wrote out everything I needed to do to make it happen, started my research and actively started working towards it. By March I was closing on my condo! In the back of my yearly calendar, there is a "Notes" section where I list everything I want to accomplish for the year and as I accomplish them, I put the date and cross it off the list. Sometimes I finish everything and sometimes I don't, but I think the most important thing is to stay positive, strong and try your best.

I hope my year and yours is filled with more adventures than you can count!

How do you plan for the new year? 

Happy 2015!

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