I T ' S   T E A   T I M E !

Whenever I have the opportunity to travel I search for a unique piece to add to my home. During my time in Hong Kong I picked up this super cute tea set from The Ladies Market. The tea culture in Hong Kong was huge! There were several places to buy sets ranging from inexpensive to hundreds of dollars, all made from a wide variation of materials. 

I recently discovered Paromi "Sleep With Me" Tea at Wholefoods and so far it's a favorite! It's caffeine free so I can have it before bed and includes ingredients such as organic chamomile and organic South African honey-bush that help to de-stress and calm for the best sleep. I'm all about getting a good night's rest and would have tea time and a mid-day nap everyday if I could but for now, tea at bed time will do. What's your favorite tea?