Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It never seems long enough and I find myself wondering again, "Is it Friday yet?". Until the next weekend I at least have my cute little balcony for a relaxing getaway at home. When I first moved in it took me a couple of weeks to get used to the height of my balcony (I'm several floors up--talk about getting over a fear of heights!) but now I love it and I'm completely comfortable. It's the perfect size for Max and myself and even when I've had people over it's big enough to accommodate a nice amount of people.

Flowers pictured are from the  flower arrangement post , just dried!

Flowers pictured are from the flower arrangement post, just dried!

I have a table for two and it's the perfect spot for morning coffee and breakfast or afternoon reading (currently I'm reading #Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso and so far so good!) and a glass of wine. Sometimes I just sit out there and look at the view and blog to you guys. It's so peaceful! Max loves to scratch his back on the concrete--sounds painful if you ask me but he can't get enough!


Ikea has very cute, affordable and durable outdoor furniture pieces. I pretty much love anything in a neutral color or made of wood so this set was perfect for me and didn't break the bank. The champagne/wine bucket is from Ikea as well.

This space, like my living room, is one that I am looking to revamp in the future. I love sitting outside and sometimes I want to cuddle up on an outdoor sofa like this one but for now this space is perfect and it's getting the job done! How do you relax during the week?