I'm updating my space over time and want to bring you along for the journey! Back in May I posted about my move and the purchase of my new home! Moving into a new place is a lot of work but it's the perfect excuse to redecorate and freshen up the look of your home. As decorating an entire space can be expensive I like to transition my look, replacing or refreshing outdated pieces little by little. Many of my picture frames are still empty, paintings and mirrors still not hung but I'm making progress one day at a time.

I love collecting different pieces from all over the world. It makes for an interesting space and can be a great conversation starter with guests. I purchased the rain stick pictured years ago in Capetown, South Africa at a market. It's one of my favorite pieces to this day! Try adding non-traditional pieces to your wall for a different look.

Fresh flowers are always a wonderful addition to a space. The flowers pictured are dried from my flower arrangement post and have lasted over a year. Buying fresh flowers weekly can add up so drying them is a lifesaver!

Quick Tip: If flowers are already bundled as shown in my tutorial simply remove from vase and hang upside down with twine , away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration until flowers are completely dry. Do this as soon as you notice the flowers starting to wilt and they'll dry beautifully!