I can't always find exactly what I'm looking for to fit my space and budget online or in stores so I love making things myself. Pinterest is a great place to find and store inspiration! I searched for a desk for months and could never find one I absolutely loved that was less than $2,000. I don't know about you but I'd much rather spend $2,000 on a plane ticket or a lot of other things besides a desk...

My desk area is still a work in progress (having a tough time finding a chair I love! Send me ideas!) but like the rest of my space, I want to show you where I am so far.

S  U  P  P  L  I  E  S 

  • Ikea GLASHOLM Table Top (or glass tabletop of your choice) $30
  • Home Depot Black Pipes & Fittings (2) flanges, (2) tees, (4) straight pipes, (4) couplings (2) nipples and (2) caps. (Measure your space--twice--and determine your desired desk height and depth. All of the pipes and fittings screw into each other so you can play with the measurement in the store, piecing together different fittings to reach your desired desk height and depth. Another thing I love about DIY--it's super customizable! Feel free to email me with any specific questions.) Roughly $50
  • Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint $4
  • Anthropologie Knobs (2) (They have a gorgeous, quality selection!) On Sale $8
  • Gorilla Super Glue (1) $5
  • Wall Screws or Anchors (8) (Be sure consult your hardware store professional for the most secure option depending on whether you're attaching to drywall, a stud, or another surface--we don't want your desk crashing down!) Roughly $6
  • Drill (Every single gal should have her own drill! I use mine all the time so it's a great investment. You can purchase an additional warranty and find a drill for as little as $30)
  • Screwdriver (Same as above--you can get an entire set for as little as $10)

Total (excluding drill/screwdriver): $103

B  E  F  O  R  E

I decided on a floating desk to save on space. The glass table top creates a light and airy look!

1. Start by spray painting each piping piece, being careful not to spray the insides where the pieces attach to each other (you don't want the paint bulking up on the grooves causing the pieces to no longer fit together). If you want to be super careful you can pre-attach and check the height/depth of the pieces like the picture above on the left, then spray paint everything at once, already pieced together. I found this the quickest method. Let dry for about 10-15 minutes.

2. Attach the pieces in sections like a puzzle: first the pieces that attach directly to the wall (flange first then the pipe), then the tee, followed by the "legs". (When you purchase the pieces they'll be labeled by name/type.) After attaching the flanges to the wall, each additional piece screws into the other, no glue necessary unless you want permanent reinforcement. I want to have the option to take apart without destroying it so I didn't use adhesive for this part.

3. Separately, use the gorilla glue to attach the knobs to the ends of the nipple fittings, leaving one end open to attach to the tee. Set aside and let dry. You can screw these on to the open end of the tee last.

4. Set the glass top on top and voila! If you have an iPhone there is a built in level so you can ensure the desk is nice and even. (Open your compass, swipe left and hold the phone horizontally or vertically to view the level. If it's your first time using it you'll have to calibrate first--instructions will pop up.)

A  F  T  E  R