I absolutely LOVE fresh flowers in my space. The colors, smells and energy really brighten a room. Every time I look at flowers I'm reminded of how beautiful the earth and God's creations are!

You can buy flowers already arranged from the grocery store or flower markets but some of my favorite flowers are sold individually at Whole Foods Market. Peonies are my favorite! Also, sometimes it's just fun to arrange them yourself and create something unique to you. What's your favorite flower?

1. Lay out flowers and arrange separately or collectively to create the visual look of your choice. My Pinterest page has lots of inspiration if you need help with a design. This is a good time to trim the flowers--always cut the stems at an angle!

Cheat Tip: Remove any leaves that will be touching the water in the vase. This will keep the water fresher longer and eliminate that gooey mold build up and bad smell.

2. Once the flowers are arranged to your liking bundle with a rubber band--preferably green to match the stems. I only use a rubber band if the vase is not transparent. Otherwise I skip this step and go straight to #3.

3. Tape the top of the vase in a "checkered" shape, keeping in mind the flowers will go in the center if banded and if not banded, in all of the open squares. Try not to have the tape hang over the edge of the vase too much so it's not visible once you're finished.