A sweet friend of mine gifted me this lace blouse and I've been in love with it ever since! I get tons of compliments on it! Ironically enough it's something I pinned on Pinterest a while back (maybe someone is paying attention to my pin boards!). One thing I love about this blouse is that it pairs with so many bottoms and shoes. For summer, I love pairing it with a simple short and a minimalistic heel for an easy and light look, especially on a day like today when it's blazing out.

Some form of arm candy can go with almost every outfit. With this top I stick with the basics of silver and gold. For some that's a no, no but I love to mix and match.

Funny story about my dog, Maxwell. I took him to the shoot with me so that he could get a little fresh air. Anyone that knows Maxwell knows that although he is extremely sweet, kind, loving and for the most part well behaved, he is practically a human with a free spirit and at times, will do exactly what he wants to do regardless of the amount of people chasing him, begging for him to stop whatever it is he's doing.

While shooting for my friend and fellow blogger Natasha Kotto , I let Max off of his leash for a while. It can be a little difficult shooting, moving around and holding a short leash in 95 degree weather. Max was amazing for the first hour! People walked by, they pet him, he stayed in the shade and for the most part didn't move.

Then. Came. The Chicken.

There were live chickens on location, which I knew, but hadn't seen any so...out of sight out of mind...especially since Max had been so well behaved. All I heard was "Oh, no!" and all hell broke loose! I looked to my left and Max had taken off like a bullet--you would have thought he was literally on fire and was running to find water to save his life. So there's Max and this orange chicken, both running as fast as they can, with feathers flying everywhere. People are screaming left and right! One minute I could see him and the next I couldn't--they kept running underneath the porch out of sight. All I could hear was the squawking of the chickens. Sigh. 

It was my turn to have my photos taken so I was already dressed...with my heels on. Needless to say I had to take them off to chase him. Despite my efforts to grab Max, begging him to come back and stop chasing the chicken, he just would not come back! Clearly he was having the time of his life. The chicken on the other hand, I'm sure, is traumatized to this day with a few less feathers. Eventually a kind man (or pissed...was too exhausted and heat stricken to notice) helped me catch Max. Back on the leash he went.

The show went on and Max made his debut in this post. He really is hilarious and meant no harm. Looking back the whole scene was pretty hilarious. No chickens were harmed :).