One of my biggest goals every year is to visit a new country. This year I started 2014 off by visiting Mexico! Previously, I visited Mexico for a short time, as in less than 24 hours, on a bus ride from San Diego to Tijuana. Yes, Tijuana. I was only there long enough to grab a bite to eat, ride a horse on the beach and walk the pier. This time I wanted to go somewhere different and for a longer period of time. At first I was a little nervous to travel to Cancun because of it's tourist and party reputation but my experience was completely relaxing. We stayed at an All Inclusive resort where the staff treated us like family. They remembered our names everyday and made it a point to make sure we were taken care of the entire time. It was so peaceful that I naturally woke up everyday at sunrise...and I am no morning person.


Sunrise on the beach.

Sunrise on the beach.

Trip to the local flea market.

Trip to the local flea market.

View of the beach from the resort.

View of the beach from the resort.




The cabanas were by far my favorite part of the resort! Large enough for several people and all of their stuff, the cabanas were the perfect place to relax on the beach all day. Luckily, the other guests were respectful enough of other people's property (You down wit O.P.P?!...) that we were able to leave our towels down while running to the beach or grabbing something to eat without someone taking our spot. Not surprisingly, the cabanas were a super hot commodity. There were only around 6 that were available on a first come first serve basis. If you didn't make it out there around sunrise to put your towel down forget it! The comfort, shade and cabana boys bringing unlimited drinks made it well worth it to wake up at the crack of dawn.

One of my favorite meals of the trip.

One of my favorite meals of the trip.

Meet Wilson.

Right outside of our room was a coconut tree. As the staff was cutting down coconuts I watched from the window as my friend ran down to ask for one! She's brave...and I thought they were going to say no but they happily cut one open for her! Yummy coconut water.

Somehow the coconut got named and went with us to the beach...everyday. We thought Wilson was fitting seeing as we were on a beach...ya know...the whole Cast Away thing...


"Cirque du Mexico"

Mini cirque performance in the resort lobby.

Mini cirque performance in the resort lobby.

Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before.
— Dalai Lama

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