To wear fur or not to wear fur? That is the question! As you probably know, I don't eat meat, originally more so for health reasons than cruelty, but the same concerns arise with fur. Is it good or is it bad? Are there good practices out there or not? Obviously the world will never stop eating meat, what's the difference really? I've done a little research on the topic and it seems that the fur making process can be a little more harsh. I don't know everything but I did find research that supports vintage furs. Vintage furs are out there regardless, no new animals are being harmed and I have to admit they're beautiful. I look at it as recycling and I love animals! Over Christmas my Mom wore the first beauty, the vintage cape, below and gifted me the second (black)! Mine is a baby vintage fur as I like to call it, just a little around the edges and I love it!

Do you wear fur? What about leather? Eat meat? Do you think there's a difference? Let's chat!

Stylish Fur Coats-6.jpg
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