My name is Tiffany Jones, Founder of 726 SQFT Design Studio + Blog. I've always had an interest in art whether it was drawing, painting or cutting up old clothes and sewing them into tiny outfits for my dolls. In high school, I gained an interest in film photography and painting and began entering my work into competitions--that's when I realized my true love for the arts. I received my BFA in Fashion Design from the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University where I continued to express myself artistically through various mediums, mainly fashion design. For six years I built my career as a Technical Designer specializing in the product development of shapewear and intimate apparel, freelancing creative services along the way for friends and family.

As my creative services and passions expanded, the 726 SQFT Design Studio + Blog was founded as a way to keep my creative juices flowing and also help clients build their best personal and professional brands, designing for and capturing the best moments of their lives. My working style is best described as a perfect blend of mechanistic and organic structure, observing the client’s natural style, tailoring and infusing it into the finished product.